Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Constable witness of Salman Hit and Run Case is missing

salamn khan hit and run case

Every passing day, the hit run case of Salman Khan is seen taking a new development. Now, after the report of RTO being filed to the court about Salman’s licence, its the witness constable who is now seen in discussion. As per reports, the constable who is the witness of this infamous hit and run case seems to be missing. This man was supposed to be the witness of this case and was required to report about the same. However, he went missing since few days and no one is able to find out where this man went and got lost.

As per reports, he is a retired constable who had the buckle number 2985, who got retired after this incident took place. His statement was recorded by Bandra Police for this case, and he was supposed to be present yesterday in the court but he failed to appear. The Police has searched for him but unable to find this man. Till the police finds the man, nothing tangible seems to be coming out in this case. Till then you keep on catching up the news here to get new updates about the same.

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