Sunday, December 5, 2021
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AIB Roast – Sparking Controversies Made Karan Johar to Defend Himself

AIB Roast

Eventually everything was moving on n on with a steady rate but suddenly BOOMMM!!! And changed the entire scenario which was moving on precisely, but can anyone relate this statement with the ongoing sparking activity? Nooo? So, let’s check this out.. It’s all about the show which was gone viral all over the town in Bollywood, indeed it’s all about ‘AIB Roast whose video clips are gaining an unbelievable response across the globe, despite the video was banned by the higher authorities. And we are quite familiar with the ones who were behind the scenes for this namely, a well known director ‘Karan Johar often called as KJo, along with the two fellow stars Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh in front of huge number of audience i.e. more than 20k people. But, if some of you might have gone through the controversies then, you’ll surely release that these stars are not even in a state of shame by executing such events. Rather than this, one of them is on the verge to defend himself again in front of everybody, and he’s none other than KJo.

However, if we talk about the other bollywood celebs reaction on the same then you’ll hardly find a handful of celebs who were in favor of exploring some good things about AIB Roast, but of course every coin has two sides in the same way is all about the AIB. But, this time almost 60% of celebs were speechless on the same; however such sparking controversies finally made Karan to reaction on twitter. He added – “Silence can mean several things…strength…weakness and indifference…to me it always signifies dignity…which is above everything else!” – As per the sources. God knows whether there is an end for these shameless controversies or not? As the fire doesn’t seems to be on the verge to get vanished from the town soon.

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