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Comedy Screen War Krishna Abhishek v/s Kapil Sharma Have Begun

comedy nights live

A huge buzz grabbing portal which have been given a break after such a fabulous response from the audience, a show which was not only became the favourites of all but have notched a common place of the Bollywood star to promote their looming movies, can you guess of which show am I talking about? Yes, you’re right its nothing but Comedy Nights with Kapil’ which was hosted by one of the renowned stand up comedian Kapil Sharma. Despite it has been taken a couple of days since the show has stopped its telecasting however there’s someone in the globe who’s eager to grab Kapil’s position via his style. Indeed he’s none other than Krishna Abhishek, well the controversy sizzles like this..

The renowned comedian ‘Krishna’ have grabbed a chance to entertain the audience by his comedy style with the same portal but Kapil replacing Krishna and the judge Navjot Singh Sidhu replacing the soulful voice singer Mika Singh and last but not the least replacing the name of the show as well from ‘Comedy Night with Kapil’ to ‘Comedy Nights Live’. The most important to note down is despite the new show was embarking with some stunning stars but still it couldn’t make it to that level, which can make at least make the audience entertain a bit. However, on the other hand Krishna have not even left a single chance to pull off the legs of Kapil with his hilarious pranks and punches.

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