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Airlift Crosses 100 Crores Mark at Box Office Till Date

The day when we woke up, the day when we were and today we are proud of such Indians who have given their whole n sole just for the safety of Indian citizens, with the fragrance of such beautiful statement the movie ‘Airlift’ has finally taken a position in the Bollywood that can easily magnify any of the viewers toward it. Indeed the movie which was catching up fire since its promos, under the directions of Raja Menon and featuring the one n only Akshay Kumar along with Nimrat Kaur, Feryna Wazheir, Lena and last but not the least Purab Kohli as one of the leading stars in the movie. Lets glance a bit deeper into the peaks of movie up till now below..

Despite the movie triggered all over the B town just before the Republic Day i.e. on 22nd January 2016 but still the movie is sparking with a stunning number and guys you won’t believe the figure which it has notched up till now, with the stunning response on its first day it has collected 100Crores club till date which is itself a big number and is heading towards to mount some historical records on the floor. Stay tuned with till we update you..

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