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Coffee With D Movie Review 

coffee with d poster

Coffee With D 

Directed by : Vishal Mishra

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Cast : Sunil Grover, Dipinnata Sharma, Zakir Hussain
Review by : Priyanka Raina
Talking about the films based in past on life of so called Don, with some famous punchlines “Don  ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi hai, balki naa mumkin hai” which were talk of the town all the way. Now what if famous journalist like ARNAB runs after on hunt with D – well that’s sounds interesting and our next film “COFFEE WITH D” . let’s see how it attracts its audience
“Coffee with D” is all about the famous journalist Arnab , played by Sunil Grover who manages to run an exclusive with DON with some tricky shots played by Tv actors. Well , that’s his Hunt for D is still a surprise and catch on the live Exclusive chat session with D in theatre – With mirch masala added flavours.
Also some khatta meetha highlights of Media to reveal true story is a mystery. Plus see the real man behind piracy .
Direction : Good work by debut-ant director Vishal Mishra to execute a interviews based script on a criminal in format of Live coverage.
Punchline : Guess the Don s favorite song. … Its favorite old song , keep guessing
Review : Four stars to the movie. Well Portrayed by GUTTHI of famous KAPIL SHARMA sjhow as ARNAB GOSWAMI
Rating : ★ ★ ★ ★  Stars

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