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Clichés that Bollywood should now get rid of!

Bollywood- our very own film industry. No matter how attracted we are to English films and their level of technology, we cannot deny the fact that most of us have grown up watching Hindi films and secretly admiring the screen icons. We heart Hindi films. But there is something that Bollywood really needs to get rid of, clichés that is. We have been exposed to such high doses of clichés that at certain points of time, it feels as if these are getting on our nerves. Bollywood, grow up! So what are the most overdone clichés in the B town? Let’s have a look!

  • Pointless song-dance sequences

A film cannot just get more irritating when its pace is slowed down by numerous song-and-dance numbers. Most of the time, a song sequence rips the film off its flavor. Okay, we heart background scores. But songs? Really? Earlier, there were dancing around trees and irrational dream songs sequences, which thankfully have stopped nowadays. But still, there remains a secret desire inside us that even commercial filmmakers would introduce some logic into their art of filmmaking and spare us the pain of losing track of a movie.

  • Runaway Bride/Bridegroom

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Who runs away from his or her marriage because they realize that they are in love with somebody else? This is something that Hindi cinema can never get done with. Okay so when your parents were fixing your marriage, why didn’t you tell them about the one you are in love with? All the time, when preparations are being done, cards are being printed, our protagonists keep mum. And just when they are fully dressed and reach the venue, they decide to run off? Why man?

  • The Rains


Who stand when it is raining and looks into the eyes of their partners and acts as if time has frozen? No one. But our filmmakers simply do not seem to understand this simple fact. According to them, rains are best enjoyed when everybody around is running here and there looking for a shelter and the main leads are standing in the middle of a busy road with cars passing by and dreaming about their life ahead. Our demand? We want some new concepts of romance. Please.

  • The Love ‘Triangle’

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The more people involve themselves in a love story as an opponent, the more successful a love story is. Says who? Our filmmakers and actors. Okay, love triangles do happen in real lives as well. But so dramatic? No way! The question is, when two people are madly in love, why the need of introducing a third character? Aren’t Indian kids already frustrated with the existing batch of thorns to their love?

  • Lost and Found

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Seldom is a Hindi film made where two people do not get lost and reunite after years. Earlier, this was a trend. Thank God, this trend has seen a downward sloping ‘career’ graph in the last few decades, but it still is not extinct. Two brothers getting lost, two childhood friends forced to move apart, grandchildren being separated from their grandparent, we have seen enough of it.

  • The temple scene

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Okay we have 33 crores Gods and Goddesses in our culture. Bollywood seems to take this too seriously. When in dilemma or in pain, our heroes and heroine resort to the temple to get answers to their unanswered questions. And as they ring the bell, all their problems are solved. Life is not so easy, pals! We all believe in God and pray to the divine power in low times, but Bollywood has added too much of drama to a daily life incident.

  • Modern Girls do not get the Guy

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Why? Because modern girls have a modern outlook towards life. They party, get drunk and use cuss words, date random guys, flirt with guys, do not nag after their boyfriends, and give enough space and freedom in relationship. So our Bollywood guys go for the more polite, family oriented, village belle most of the times, who they can take home to their mothers. This has to stop. It is anti feminist. Being modern is not a crime, and ‘modern’ girls do fall in love.

  • The Rich-Poor angle

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This is something which has developed over the years and HAS to be there in most of our films. It is either the rich guy falling for a poor girl or the other way round. The poor one is pushing away the rich one, for fear of ‘society’ and the rich one is multitasking at fighting against the world and persuading the poop one that eventually ‘sab theek ho jayega’ (Everything will be alright).

  • Dramatic Chase at the Climax

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How many movies have been made where at the end the guy or the girl does not run from the airport or the taxi stand or whichever place it is, to get the love of his or her life? Very rare I would say. People always realize their feelings at the end of a movie and then? They run faster than Usain Bolt himself and finally profess their love. Over dosage, we say!

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