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Citylights: A movie based on life struggle of a common man

Hansal Mehta citylight

Citylights is the upcoming film of the director Hansal Mehta. It is another movie from a big director and a professional film making organization. Citylights movie has been prepared by taking inspiration from the british movie metro manila. The film story is based on a married couple from Rajasthan. Carrying big dreams and hopes, Rajasthani couple come to the city of Mumbai to be success and to earn decent money to make a living. However the couple soon fall under challenging circumstances that brings misfortune to their family.

While making a promotion for movie, self Mahesh Bhatt claimed the movie to be pretty interesting and entertaining for the viewers. Bhatt said that the Citylights is a type of movie for those people who know much about their life but they don’t feel it or don’t want to feel it. Bhatt said that this movie will make them feel because it’s good for change.

The storyline of this movie connects each and every class of man in society. As everyone today is concerned about their growth in life and overall progress, thus they star forgetting to feel about the others that are also part of their life. Overall the film is great for people who have forgotten about their life and just entirely focus on their work. the film leaves a message that no matter how much big your success is, it is of no value until you have someone in your life you can share your success with. The film is awaited by many as many big business men in Indian history have emerged from Mumbai city starting from zero. Thus the film is an awesome inspiration for youngsters who want to be big and successful in their life.


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