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Citadel: Varun Dhawan and Sikandar Kher to Engage in Intensive Action Training for the Thrilling Spy Series

Citadel, the highly anticipated spy series, has generated significant buzz among fans and industry insiders alike. As production gears up, it has been reported that lead actors Varun Dhawan and Sikandar Kher will undergo intense action training to prepare for their roles in the show. This news has sparked excitement and speculation about the thrilling and action-packed nature of the series.

Citadel, a collaboration between Indian filmmaker Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. and the Russo Brothers (Joe and Anthony Russo), is set to be a global espionage thriller that will feature interconnected stories across multiple countries. With such a high-concept premise, it is no surprise that the actors are investing in rigorous training to deliver convincing and impactful performances.

Varun Dhawan, known for his versatility and dedication to his craft, has previously showcased his action skills in films like “Badlapur” and “Dishoom.” However, it seems he is taking his preparation for Citadel to the next level. By undergoing intense action training, he aims to elevate his performance and immerse himself fully in the world of espionage.

Sikandar Kher, a talented actor who has demonstrated his range in projects like “Aarya” and “24,” is also committed to honing his action skills for the series. This training will undoubtedly enhance his ability to execute complex stunts and bring authenticity to his character.

The inclusion of intense action training for the lead actors indicates that Citadel will be a visually stunning and action-packed series, offering audiences thrilling sequences and high-octane moments. With the creative minds behind the show known for their expertise in blending action, suspense, and storytelling, fans can anticipate a gripping and immersive viewing experience.

As Citadel aims to make a mark in the international arena, the commitment of the actors to undergo intense action training highlights their dedication to delivering a world-class production. The combination of their talent, the Russo Brothers’ visionary storytelling, and the high production value promises to make Citadel an exhilarating addition to the spy genre.

Ziya Khan


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