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“Cinema is wonderful Piece of Entertainment since Pe Independent Era” – Priyanka Raina

Jeetu Likhar



karan johar priyanka raina

karan johar priyanka raina

Our BOLLYWOOD ‘s First movie Raja Harishchandra was made by Dadashaeb Phalke in 1913 , That time India was not Independent. And then Era of movies started – First Female Actress was introduced in 1916 through Movie Mohini Bahamasur. First Talkie Film ALAM ERA , Directed by Ardesher Irani was made in 1931.

Cinema that time too was considered as beautiful source of Entertainment. We are all Entertainers , Not Politicians – We tell our verdict through our Global Cinema. – Priyanka Raina
Its How you Convey your word through your profession. Like During Pre independence Era too, Freedom Fighters raised their word by Fighting. Entertainers tell by their Feature termed as Cinema. Now Freedom Fighters cant make Cinema & Cinema Can’t be made by Freedom Fighters
So With Respect to Today ‘s World , Army officers and Entertainers Both have inner feelings for each other. Like They can’t make Cinema & we cant fight like them.
But movies like BORDER and LOC have opened eye globally all over the world through our Lovely CINEMA,
Like Everyone  conveys in their own way, Cricketers convey by playing Charity Matches, Business man convey by Donating Funds. So everyone is doing their Respected work in their fields
Talking about Pakistani Actors, We Indians welcome every guest open Heartidily – That’s in our Traditions. But if Guest back bites, We know him to teach him a lesson.So Now “Pakistani Visa s are approved by Indian Government , Now Dont approve their VISAS  – so they can’t enter our Country
Jai Hind , Clean and Green India 

Although Jeetu Likhar grew up with strict parents and was never allowed to have videogames or consoles at home, his relationship with gaming started at a young age through social interactions at gaming centres and his friends houses. With the advent of social media and the internet, he fell in love with gaming and movies even more because of how strong the bond of the online community was. Although now he is married with two kids, a beautiful job, and a comfortable job at a bank, gaming will always hold a special place in his heart.