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“CHOCOLATE Adds Sweetness in a relation” Share Celebs!

Claudia Cielsa: Happy chocolate day friends It’s a compulsory thing for me that my fridge is full of  chocolates. Just now back from Poland. I have all sort of chocolate at my place. I love them since my childhood!

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SONALI RAUT: Chocolate is nice. I love  Dark chocolate.  But I once read that the farmers who produce it don’t get paid enough. So I check the brands before buying their product because it’s time we start acknowledging farmers.

Akanksha Puri: I like chocolate. But I don’t really associate it with any day or love. I eat it because it makes me happy. But that’s it. Love everything and you will find love everywhere.

Md. Asif: You can’t buy happiness.
But you can buy chocolate. And that’s kind of the same thing. Happy chocolate day.

Anand Kumar: Happy chocolate day guys. I start my day with dark chocolate n black coffee then I am off to the gym that’s my sehat ka raaz its 20 years same size jeans I wear!

KANISHA MALHOTRA: Since I have a sweet tooth I love chocolates alot. Every year I buy chocolates on chocolate day for myself and my friends and just go meet each of my friends family and close ones and share Chocolates. Its an excuse for a cheat day for me this year I intend to go to orphanage with chocolates as well.

SEMAL BHATT: Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies. So don’t lie and live life today with chocolate day and a Happy one.

Gehana Vasisth: For me chocolate day very important as I take a chocolate bath on this day. I am doing this for the past 5 years. It feels great to be drenched in hot chocolate and feels very romantic and sensual.

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