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Cheat India trailer preview : Featuring the root in Indian Educational System

Jeetu Likhar



Cheat India Poster

Cheat India starring Emraan Hashmi is the story which is very gripping it’s highlight the loopholes of the Indian education system..every day we hear some news on scams and cheating or fraudulent..this movie highlight the key points and the scam which is happening in our education system every passing day.. in day to day life we came across so many news regarding paper leaked of board exams or MBA or CA or sitting dummies or copying and passing.. somewhere regarding the cheat..

This movie can be a game changer, or one can say it is promoting the cheat..that is up to the mindset or the  perspective of the audience..what one is taking from the is learning will know what happens when 1 cheats and if they caught in fraud then what happens next..the whole process the whole structure and most can be trap in controversies as well because of their film title “Cheat India” but I’m sure one will love to see the rollercoaster ride of corrupted education system..we would give 3 stars to the trailer..the movie is releasing on 25th of January 2018.

Cheat India trailer :

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