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Chauranga 1st Day Box Office Collection Report

This Friday we had two releases with a major one called Wazir and the other not so much buzz based film called Chauranga. The film is based on a social message, which showcases the society based on feudalism that still exist in the modern India especially in the deep rural areas of this nation. The film though has secured a decent buzz in the media, thanks to the kind of number of film festivals including overseas and in India, the film enjoys a good hype. Yet it has failed to translate into a good grocer this Friday on its first day of its release.

As per reports, the first day box office collection for Chauranga tolled to around 1.2 crores, which is still a decent amount considering the fact that the film failed to promote like any other film in the B Town and the one which is known to have low star value. With a number of not known actors in the Film, you cannot expect a high collection as Wazir or any other conventional movie, which any other B Town film is able to get. Again the competition between Wazir and other two big releases of last year in Dec 2015, the film is not expected to collect much in the coming first weekend.

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