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Charu Asopa reacts to the allegation of Rajiv Sen of not letting him meet daughter Ziana

The ongoing tussle between Charu Asopa and Rajiv Sen always is in the limelight. The couple, who had been married for almost three years, decided to divorce and have been airing their dirty laundry in public. Rajeev was accused of cheating on Charu when she was pregnant and of turning off the cameras in their house while she was gone.

While talking to Pinkvilla, Charu told how is the relationship of her husband with her daughter.

Rajeev Sen said that Charu does not allow him to meet his daughter.

In a recent YouTube video, Rajeev Sen claimed that Charu Asopa is attempting to keep him away from their one-year-old daughter, Ziana Sen. In response, Charu said in her video that he had always been invited to meet Ziana and called the claims against him “baseless” and “dumb.” She stated, “Without mentioning Rajeev, “You continue to create films only for the purpose of disparaging someone. I don’t care. Continue doing it because it’s good for you.”

Charu Asopa reacted: 

When discussing preventing a parent from seeing his child, Charu Asopa said,”This is written on papers, and I have told him on messages and even face to face, and his family is also aware that Ziana will continue to have her relationship with everyone. Only mine and Rajeev’s relationship has broken, everything else remains the same for Ziana. I am not distancing Rajeev from Ziana. I have told Rajeev multiple times that he can come and visit Ziana whenever he wishes to. I don’t understand why he hid this important talk from the media and everyone that it’s him, who doesn’t meet Ziana.”

Charu Asopa further added, “Whenever Ziana’s bua (aunt Sushmita Sen) and her grandmother want to meet her, I have taken her to their home. Rajeev’s dad regularly video calls to see Ziana and whenever he’s here, I take her to meet him. In fact, I will be visiting Kolkata too to visit Ziana’s grandfather. So, I won’t stop anyone from meeting Ziana because she has her relationships and deserves the love of her grandparents, and everyone that wishes to give their love to her. I can’t force someone by saying that you are Ziana’s father, come and meet her. You want to meet, please come and do so.”

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