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Charu Asopa left Rajeev Sen’s house and moved to a new house with her daughter

Well-known actor and fashion influencer Charu Asopa has amassed a sizable following on social media. Rajeev Sen, the brother of Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen, was her husband. The couple’s marriage has been having issues for a while. Everyone has been able to see into the actress’s marriage since both parties have been transparent about their disagreements. The pair decided to give their marriage another opportunity a few months ago and reversed their decision to file for divorce. But now that they have broken up once more, they have decided to divorce.

Popular YouTuber Charu Asopa spoke on social media about having a divorce. The actor from Mere Angne Mein revealed in a recent video that she spent this year’s Diwali with her mother, father, and daughter. They provided a view of her new Mumbai residence, where she had relocated with her daughter Zianna.

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She also discussed how she read the comments on the prior video. Now, she had disabled comments on her videos. She admitted that after reading them, she was let down because some unfavorable things had been said about her. She acknowledged that she couldn’t alter anyone’s viewpoint. “I don’t need to prove anything to my devoted supporters since the truth doesn’t require proof,” she continued. She continued, “The truth comes out regardless; it’s the lies that need justifications and proofs.

Charu accuses Rajiv Sen of physical abuse and is shifted to the new house. She told Etimes that Charu concurred that their relationship was not meant to be. She claimed that their marriage has always been challenging and that Rajeev would abruptly disappear for months at a time, making it impossible for her to contact him.

Rajeev Sen has refuted all of the accusations made against him and advised Charu Asopa to leave the YouTube realm.

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