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Celeb’s wishes for their Teachers!

Celeb’s wishes for their Teachers!

Teachers serve the society by instructing and guiding countless students through the different stages of their growth. They prepare them to take on the world which they are a part of. The teacher must play different roles in a student’s life. He must be his friend stirring him clear from murky waters, he must be his guide helping him find his true calling in life, and he must be a philosopher enlightening his young audience about the ways of the world.

Here, celeb talks about their teachers.

RAVISH DESAI: I think for everything that I am today not only my parents as they have been great teachers for me in life as general but I would also like to thank all my teachers from my college, my school and my post graduation institute and to that every single person from whom I have learnt something in carving myself into a better human being. I still remember, I used to be extremely notorious kid in school, I hated studies and I used to have a very calm professor in school. His name was Ramesh Parekh and we used to call him Parekh sir. I hadn’t done my home work that day too so he came up to me and quietly told me, ‘Ravish, Patthar me bhi agar continuously paani geere na toh usme chhed pad jata hai’. That’s all that he told me and since then something in me just changed and made me realise that if I had to get anywhere in life I had to add efforts and need to get out of my comfort zone. That was one of the very important teaching in my life. I am really grateful always be to all his such small teachings.

ABHINAV KAPOOR: I am very fortunate to have good teachers in all walks of life be it school, collage or work. I wanna wish them and all the teachers a very happy teachers day.

ANSHUL PANDEY: My sports teacher/coach in school was very inspiring. His name is Mr Gangola. He always said that on the sporting field everybody is equal and always inspired me to give off my best. Till date I give off my best in whatever I do. It is never over till the whistle blows.

KUNAL SINGH:  Because teachers, no matter how kind, no matter how friendly, are sadistic and evil to the core.

NAMAN SHAW: I used to be a late riser. Naturally I used to reach school late so I used to get punished often. I was made to pay fine which I used to hate it then and would hate my teacher but it is only today that I realize the importance of time and ever since I have been very punctual in life. So I am thankful for that.

POOJA SHARMA: Happy teachers day to all my teachers for inspiring dreams and passing on knowledge to me. Mad respect and thanks to each one of you.

ANGAD HASIJA: I had always been teachers favorite kid but since I have been in the Industry I had only one teacher who is Rajan Shahi, he was the producer of ‘Bidaai’. When I had joined the show I was very young and that was my learning period days where he taught me so many thing which till today I follow. All things related to career, life etc. Its been seven years now and I have done whatever he asked me to do which led me success so I treat him as a Guru.

ANIRUDH DAVE: I feel very lucky and honored to be a student of the well known acting guru Dr. Satyabrata Rout. He is the finest teachers I have known. He taught me many things which till today I apply in my life and use in my acting which makes my performance better. He also takes classes in abroad. He taught me a lot and I am grateful and blessed.

MAHIKA SHARMA: I was quite kind student to my teachers. Just one of my issue was I use to laugh a lot that would use to irritate my teachers. We use to call didi (sister) to our teachers. Rama Didi, Ananya Didi, Ashok sir and Umakant sir. I do remember. Later in Collage, Paromita Maam, Debjani Maam and all. I miss my days in Tinsukia English Academy.I am very sure if any one of them would be looking it. They will think of my grammatical mistakes in my quote.

MRUNAL JAIN: I have learn to be disciplined in life and career from my teacher. In my school I was quite shy and my English teacher use t o pamper me. She always used to tell me to be organized. I used to keep myself organized because she used to motivate always. A good teacher and guide is very important. I am lucky that at different point of time I always had someone to guide me and show the right path.

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