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Catch Vir Das Landing on Netflix: Getting some Heartfelt, Witty and a Fitting reply online

Vir Das Landing :

  • Release Date: December 2022
  • OTT Platform: Netflix 
  • Star Cast: Vir Das 
  • Director: Vir Das 

Landing Story – It’s not a series but a collection of certain replies to the young artist and comedian – Vir Das had for the controversy created by his speech – I Come from Two Indias. Just when his video of his speech, a rather humorous one that spoke the reality of the nation, went viral which he gave in Kennedy House at the Washington DC, he was hurled with titles like traitor or even terrorists. But he chose to stay mum and waited that long to answer the trolls and fringe elements who were behind the furor.

So, as of the series is concerned, it talks about the replies of this man in a comical style, which he gave to the trolls who tried to malign his image on the web. The comical reply is incredible in terms of his rich language and prose and is gaining a good momentum on the OTT platform. Ever since his trailer of the comical series Landing came in the market, we can certainly get to get a go with it. Stay tunes to know more about it and others only with us. 

Landing – The Last Word 

It is a self-style release from Vir Das, which talks about the man at the centre replying to people who called him traitor and terrorist. The series covers the stories of the young artist who once again proved his wit and humour while giving away the replies to the abusing word he got before him. You can watch Landing online for free with us. 

Landing Trailer:

As his new comical series – Landing started streaming on the popular OTT platform called Netflix, the makers were quick to release the trailer, which seemed to have created a good buzz in the market. How about catching up the trailer if you have not watched it earlier, have a look: 

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