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Catch the Shocking look of Anushka in Tamil movie Baahubali

anushka in baahubali poster

The upcoming movie of SS Rajamouli has revealed one of the most shocking and interesting kind of poster released for the film Baahubali. Though she is in the lead role, however, her screen presence in the film seems limited. She will be playing a tortured woman being held like a captive for years. She will be playing the character of a Devasena in his upcoming magnus opus film. Earlie he has embarked with posters portraying a child and a rebel star Prabahs. These posters were able to garner a very good response for the film giving a very good response to the two.

Baahubali is an Indian epic movie, which comes in two parts made in both Telugu and Tamil. Prabhas and Anushka Shetty will be playing the lead roles in the film. As you check the poster, you find the actress has left no stone unturned to portray nothing but the best practicing with sword along with Prabahs and Rana. The story is still to be revealed by the filmmaker. However, as per speculation she will be playing a character of a pregnant woman, while the character of Prabahs would end in the first part and he will be born again to Anushka in the second part.

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