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A thermometer-like device soon will spot heart attacks

Yes you heard it right, South Korean researchers have now developed a device, which can help in diagnosing the heart attacks, which can help in knowing the people with heart strokes. The device would like a thermometer, which can help in diagnosing the failure of hearts inside our body. As per Sangmin Jeon the man behind this invention from Pohang University of Science and Technology and colleagues said that one of the best way to tell whether someone has got the stroke would involve measuring the level of protein known as Troponin that is present in the blood of the victim.

The design of the device is simple comprising of mercury thermometers, which will help in detecting the troponin. This will involve a couple of simple steps, specified nano particles, glass vial, ink drop and the skinny tube. The concentration of Troponin would rise when the blood is seen cutting off the heart and the muscles are seen getting damaged. In the modern day, detecting the troponin would need expensive and bulky kind of instruments and it is generally not very much practical for point of care use of in the low income areas.

Yet the deaths of three quarters, which are related to cardiovascular disease, can bring in the low and middle income nations. With early diagnosis, you could simply help in curbing all these numbers, which was as confirmed by the researchers. This was reported in the Journal Analytical Chemistry.

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