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Catch the Gripping Faraaz trailer starring Shashi Kapoor’s grandson Zahaan in a different avatar

The trailer of the upcoming film Faraaz has been released, and it looks like a gripping and intense drama. The film is directed by Hansal Mehta and stars Zahaan Kapoor, the grandson of legendary actor Shashi Kapoor, in the lead role.

Faraaz trailer introduces the character of Zahan Kapoor, who is seen as a young Muslim man living in India. The trailer then goes on to show the struggles he faces in his daily life, including discrimination and prejudice due to his religion. The trailer also hints at a larger conspiracy at play, with a voiceover heard saying “Islam ke thekedaar” (the leader of Islam), suggesting that there may be a larger force behind the discrimination and prejudice faced by Zahaan’s character.

As the trailer progresses, it becomes clear that Zahaan’s character is determined to fight back against the discrimination and prejudice he faces. He is shown standing up for his rights and fighting for justice, and the trailer ends with a powerful and emotional speech given by Zahaan’s character, in which he declares that he will not be silenced.

The trailer of Faraaz has received a positive response from audiences, with many praising the cast’s performances and the film’s powerful message. Zahaan Kapoor’s portrayal of a young Muslim man facing discrimination and prejudice is being hailed as a realistic and authentic representation of the struggles faced by many people in India today.

The film is directed by Hansal Mehta, known for his critically acclaimed films, such as Shahid and Aligarh. He has a reputation for tackling sensitive and socially relevant issues in his movies, and Faraaz looks no different. To the trailer, the film is set to be a hard-hitting and thought-provoking film that addresses the current socio-political scenario in India.

The film is set to be released shortly, and fans of socially relevant cinema eagerly await its release. Faraaz is a powerful and impactful film that highlights the discrimination and prejudice faced by many people in India today. The performances of Zahaan Kapoor, and the direction of Hansal Mehta, make the film a must-watch.

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Faraaz Trailer :

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