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Catch Priyanka Chopra over Bazaar India Magazine cover page


She is simply a celebrity who is not just known in B Town but also in the western entertainment world. Thanks to her noticeable presence at TV shows like Quantico and her entry into one of the Hollywood movies, she has all the reason to make news in the media. And to see Priyanka Chopra on a magazine cover page is no exception.

She is now seen in over the September issue of the magazine called Bazaar cover page. As we check her in the cover page, she is seen in Dior dress having dazzling sparkles from the brands like Regen Dubis and Nivran Modi.

Pee Cee has thus acquired a new aura and avatar thus making her the most wanted lady on earth and you would certainly agree on it.

She is now gearing up for her upcoming TV series called Quantico, which has reached in its second seasons. She is playing the FBI agent called Alex Parrish and would be seen in opposite to the man called Dwayna Johnson along with Zac Efron in Baywatch all set to hit in 2017.

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