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Catch Chef song Banjara featuring Saif Ali Khan going for a delicious nation wide ride with his food van


As we see Saif Ali Khan gearing up for his next movie called Chef, we get to see some promotional activities for the film now. The film is content driven, which makes him an exotic catch this year. Though it has been based on a Hollywood movie with the same title, yet we get to see some relly good cinema at the end of the day. Saif is seen in the lead role for the film. If you have had the catch of the Hollywood version of this film, you can have some idea about the plot, however, we get to see some changes in the B Town adding some spices to it. Well, the film is all about the story of a chef who tend to rediscover his passion for cooking.

Once this man is fired from his job, he along with his son plans to reconnect with the food by embarking with own catering business. The film Chef is being directed by Raja Krishna Menon, who is known for making movies like Airlift and is certainly one of the best directors to give one of the best movies in 2016. Now, as the film comes into a promotional mode, we get to see a song being released by the makers of the movie called Banjara. Here we get to see Saif on his food ride to the entire nation. With his his moving catering business, he and his son played by Chandan Roy Sanyal, he is seen sharing his delicious food with the people all acorss the country.

As you check the song, Saif is busy cooking for people and allowing people to taste to enjoy cool food. The filmalso has Padmapriya in the the female lead role. It is slated to hit the theatres on 6th of October. In the song you get to see the dilapidated bus, which happens to be the duo’s new catering setup. The song will certainly be a mouth watering experience for many especially the foodies. The song Banjara is composed by the talented musician Raghu Dixit, while the lyrics have been jotted by Ankur Tewari, and the playback is given by none other than the talented singer Vishal Dadlani. How about catching the song as under:

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