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Catch the Beyond The Clouds Trailer featuring the power of forgiveness

Beyond The Cloud Movie Trailer

Last month in December we saw the screening of the much hyped and critically acclaimed movie called Beyond the Clouds. The film was made by Majid Majidi, which was released at the Dubai International Film Festival impressing the select audience present in the film festival.  The jury has given the movie a rave response once it was screened and people have been desperately waiting for the film to release. The trailer of the movie finally hit the screens of the web that has brought forth the debutant Ishaan Khatter and Malavika Mohanan in the key roles.

Ishaan happens to be the half brother of Padmavat actor Shahid Kapoor and the movie deals with a story that has forgiveness at the center. It also teaches you to be compassionate towards your family and towards the one who destroyed your own family. That’s the crux of the film, which was directed and composed by Majid Majidi and AR Rahman respectively. With the duo coming together, one can certainly expect the makers to weave their magic in this movie. The movie has been extensively shot in Mumbai the dhobi ghat, the streets of the city and other places to show.
The lead pair of the film happens to have Ishaan and Malavika in the lead role who has simply impressed with their incredible performance as one can check in the trailer. As you check the trailer, it showcases the Iranian Slumdog, but at the same it is seen elevated by the competent filmmaker Majidi-style redemption. The film is both Raw and intense in its making,  while the trailer can give some idea about the film but not the exact plot and thus adds the intrigue elements while you catch it. So, if you are yet to catch the trailer, how about about looking at it as under:

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