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Canadian Singer Shubh Speaks Out on Concert Cancellation: ‘India Holds a Special Place in My Heart

Shubhneet Singh, needs no introduction. Yes, we are talking about  the Punjabi-Canadian rapper more known as Shubh. He is currently under fire, all thanks to his contentious post on social media. We have seen loads of hue and cry over his statement, particularly at a time when diplomatic relations between Canada and India are at stake with too much strain. Concurrently, we could see the India tour of the rap singer seemed to be all messed up. We now see his trip to India has been badly affected. All thanks to the allegations linking him to the Khalistan cause.

He released his statement on social media, while sharing hsi views on his  Instagram account, Shubhneet Singh expressed his dismay and profound disappointment about the cancellation of his India tour. He revealed that he had worked hard for this tour over the past two months and was eagerly anticipating showcasing his talents in India.

Taking to his Instagram page, the rap singer claimed, “As a young rapper-singer originating from Punjab, it had always been my life’s aspiration to showcase my music on a global platform. However, recent events have jeopardised my hard work and progress, prompting me to articulate my feelings of disappointment and sorrow.” Have a look at his statement on Instagram as under:


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The cancellation of my tour in India has left me profoundly disheartened. I was brimming with excitement and enthusiasm to perform in my homeland, in front of my own people. The preparations were at their peak, and I had dedicated my heart and soul to rehearsing for the past two months. I was genuinely thrilled, elated, and prepared to give a stellar performance. Fate, however, had different plans,” he further expressed in his post.

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