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Calendar Girls 2015

Calendar Girls 2015Calendar Girls 2015 Overview :

Director: Madhur Bhandarkar
Release Date: 1st May, 2015
Director: Madhur Bhandarkar
Producer: Sangeeta Ahir


The upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Calendar Girls’ has been in news for some reasons. Madhur Bhandarkar its director, according to reports, is stated to have chopped off few smoking scenes from this movie to get that green signal from the Certification Board.

Madhur Bhandarkar is well known for his directorial ventures and for providing sneak peek into glamor world by directing films like Heroine, Fashion and Page 3. He also has tried to reveal dark world that is behind poverty and has connection with crime with movies like Traffic Signal and Chandni Bar. Generally, this director prefers to portray trust amidst shallow relationships and superficial societies. Now, this popular filmmaker is determined to expose life of models through his upcoming movie, ‘Calendar Girls’.

The filmmaker does not only like to deal with these types of topics, but also unabashedly likes expressing his opinions regarding matters. The recent one was stated to be when he tried to extend support towards director and colleague Anurag Kashyap with his battle with Censor Board in regards to anti-smoking warnings. The filmmakers were said to be of the opinion that anti-smoking disclaimer that is shown often during the smoking sequence of the movie is not actually necessary. But the Censor Board had been quite adamant in making the decision and Anurag Kashyap was compelled to follow disclaimer rules pertaining to anti-smoking on released the movie Ugly last December. Now, Madhur Bhandarkar with Calender Girls has completely done away with all smoking scenes from the movie. According to sources, there were about 10 to 12 scenes where actresses were noticed trying to light and puffing cigarettes. It was later decided to be chopped for avoiding the disclaimer.

When discussing about the disclaimer, he mentioned that disclaimers only takes away attention from what is happening on screen and hence the reason for chopping off smoking scenes from the movie. This movie is expected to be released on 1st May, 2015.

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