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BTS Jin’s first photo collection from military training is here. SEE PICS

BTS star Jin has embarked on a new journey in his life as he has started his military training with the South Korean government. Since the time Jin left for training, all his fans have been excited to know the latest updates about their favourite k-pop star. ARMY is also sad about the fact that he will be absent for the next 18 months.

To those who are unaware, BTS’s Jin joined the South Korean military as an active-duty soldier on December 13. After having a meeting with his friends and family, he started this journey, which would last for the coming few months.

Recently, we also saw a photo of Jin shaving his head that went viral on the internet, and his fans were emotional seeing him. Now, the first photo collection from his training on military grounds is also out.

BTS’s initial images of Jin from military grounds are now on the Internet

Although the welcoming ritual for the new soldiers was kept silent, some images from the training ground have surfaced on the internet. You can see your beloved Jin, aka Kim Seo-jin, in an entire soldier avatar where he mingles with his batch of soldiers. You have to admit that he looks brilliant.

Have a look at some of the glimpses of BTS Jin from the training grounds

Are you amazed? We knew it, ARMY. One of the sad things is that Jin will be missing from social media during his training period. At that time, these small peeks at their favourite K-pop star will help the ARMY cope with the sadness caused by Jin’s absence.

Let us remind you that BTS’ official agency, “BIG HIT MUSIC,” has officially announced that the members will enlist in the military one by one. As Jin is the eldest member, it was obvious that he had to enrol first. While there has been no official announcement of when other members will join the military, it has been reported that Suga will not serve in the military as an active duty soldier due to previous shoulder surgery.

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