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BTS’ Jimin to star in Taeyang’s upcoming solo album? Here’s what YG Entertainment has to say!

BTS’ Jimin is expected to team up with Big Bang’s Taeyang as a featured artist in a solo album. The news is doing rounds after many music industry sources claimed this. Not just this, it is being said that the album will be out by January 2023. As we all know, Taeyang’s latest solo album will arrive almost 5 years after his 3rd regular album. The album which was titled, ‘White Night,’ came out in the year 2017.

As the news of one of the biggest K-pop stars teaming up to produce the latest album is making headlines, both, the hype around it and the audience’s excitement are going to increase, 

YG Entertainment disclosed its mindful perspective on this topic to a South Korean Media agency today, December 9. They said, “There is no official confirmation as of now.”

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BTS and its team

BTS  is a group of 7 members in which Jimin is a lead vocalist and a highly-talented k-pop star. Talking about the singer’s specialty, he has a unique tone that will face no problems in the collaboration. Even Taeyang has a powerful way of singing in R&B and soul. We have seen many epic collaborations of K-pop stars like Crush and J-Hope, Psy and Suga. Therefore, two highly talented artists like Taeyang and Jimin are sure to take it to the next level. 

Bangtan Boys are these days focusing on their activities separately and the news about their military enlistment also makes a lot of buzz on the internet. All the die-hard BTS fans are hoping for the team to come together once again with an outstanding performance. 

What are your thoughts about their collaboration? Does this news excite you? Lets us know about you views regarding BTS’ Jimin and Taeyang teaming up!

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