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Breaking News: Farhan Akhtar Set to Replace Salman Khan in Champions, Essay the Role of an Arrogant and Alcoholic Coach

The Spanish film Campeones gained significant attention in India when superstar Aamir Khan expressed his interest in it, coinciding with the release of Laal Singh Chaddha. Aamir has envisioned a unique desi version of the film and is being meticulous in choosing the lead actor. Since its announcement, the project has been surrounded by a whirlwind of rumors and reports.

Initially, it was believed that Aamir would only produce the film without acting in it. Netizens eagerly speculated about the actor who would take the lead role, and reports suggested it would be Salman Khan. Fans were ecstatic at the prospect of Aamir and Salman collaborating in a fusion of Chak De! India, Lagaan, and Dangal. However, the excitement was short-lived as Salman’s schedule and commitments prevented him from taking the project forward, despite his admiration for the script. So, what happened next?

Another day brought another actor’s name into the mix, this time Ranbir Kapoor. People reminisced about the unique cameo Ranbir had in PK’s climax and were thrilled at the thought of the two stars working together. But, alas, that turned out to be false news as well. According to reliable sources close to the project, “Aamir Khan holds Campeones remake very close to his heart and is looking for the perfect actor, even if it’s not Salman Khan. The news of approaching Ranbir Kapoor was untrue. Aamir is currently in talks with Farhan Akhtar to headline Champions. It seems like a perfect fit after Farhan’s brilliant performance in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.”

The source further reveals, “Farhan has already read the script and loved it. He is eager to have more reading sessions for the film. The dates are a bit of a challenge as Farhan has a full plate with multiple projects as a producer, director, writer, and actor. Nevertheless, he is already planning to accommodate Champions in his upcoming lineup.”

Campeones is a Spanish movie that tells the story of a former minor-league basketball coach who is assigned by the court to manage a team of players with intellectual disabilities. The film draws inspiration from the Aderes team in Burjassot (Valencia), a team composed of individuals with intellectual disabilities that won twelve Spanish championships between 1999 and 2014. It is a comedy-drama film directed by Javier Fesser and was released in 2018. 

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