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Box office collection of Kuku mathur ki Jhand ho gayi and citylights

Kuku mathur ki Jhand ho gayi and citylights

Two new movies in bollywood that released on 30th may Kuku mathur ki jhand ho gayi and Citylights saw below expectations collection on first day of release on Friday. Both movies made a poor collection and business was down for both.

Kuku Mathur ki Jhand Ho Gayi:

This movie released on large scale by making an appearance on over 700 screens across country. The movie has been made under budget ranging from 5-6 crores. On first day of release, the movie only managed to collect 55 lakhs in total from 700 screens. Major of its collection came from big cities like Mumbai and Delhi. On the other hand response for movie was almost negligible in small towns and cities across India. Based on first day collection, the final collections are not looking promising for the movie. The reports and reviews of the movie are also not that great. Thus the film staff is expecting good collections on Saturday and Sunday. Based on the current situations chances for movie to succeed on box office are very poor.


The movie made an appearance on 600+ screens across India. Movie Citylights has been made with budget ranging around 3-3.5 crores. The first day collection of movie was around 80+ lakhs on friday. Citylights reports were not as poor as that of Kuku mathur ki Jhand ho gayi. The reports of movie suggest a good collection on Saturday and sunday. The low budget of movie making is another positive factor that will play an important role in films success. To survive and make some profit on box office, the movie has just got this one week. As from next week the big release of Holiday will consume the entire film market. The movie require to show good collection on Saturdays and Sundays to make profit.

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