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Big B and Aamir will launch Dilip Kumar’s biography under joint mission

Big B and Aamir will launch Dilip Kumar’s biography

Actor Dilip Kumar needs no introduction who made its name legendry on big screen. Following up the fans query of long awaited biography of Dilip Kumar, Big B and Aamir Khan have come together to make a move on project. The biography of Dilip Kumar will be launched under name Substance and Shadow. The biography is expected to release on June 9. The release of the biography will take place in presence of thespian’s wife Saira along with bollywood stars Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan.

The biography which was previously scheduled to release on Dilip Kumar’s 91st birthday in last year December was later rescheduled. The rescheduling was the idea of Uday Tara Nayar who is family friend of the bollywood thespian. On the occasion of release of biography, many big names of bollywood are expected to be present. As per news, Singer of the century Lata Mangeshkar is also expected to be present on the occasion of release of biography.

Dilip Kumar was one of the top and best performing actors on silver screen. The star kept producing hit movies for decades and gave most of his life to his acting career on big screen. Dilip Kumar’s work was much appreciated by his fans and audience. His movies always has seen waiting lines outside of theatres on his most film releases. Films like Jwar Bhata, Naya Daur, Mela, Devdas, Madhumati and also Mughal-e-azam were tremendous hits on box office with record performances.

The launch event for the biography will be managed by the samara productions. The event management along with security team and other personal guards of stars will be present on the occasion. Many facilities including refreshments and food will be kept for stars as launch event is expected to be quite long.

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