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Bollywood movies changing trends – How much long lasting?

bollywood movies trends

Change is the only inevitable consistent element in our life and Bollywood is no exception wherein we witness a number of trends and transformations taking place. Today, you can find Bollywood moving coming off age, catering the audience a good amount of options in terms of subjects, genres, variety of new actors and technical guys, fresh music or visuals, etc. The year 2014 has a number of releases unlike the previous year along with debuts both in actor and other categories. One of the interesting thing about today’s audience is that they have accepted the fresh faces and have even applauded them, be it the Kai Po Che actor or the one seen in Heropanti, etc. Well, what really matters in Indian Cinema is a big question, which we will be exploring here in this article.

All that matter is content

Amidst all these affairs, what matters is the content of the movie, which remains the driving force for the Indian cinema since past few years. The audience has given time and again the acceptance and rejection on the basis of the content of the movie. The good and bad in the movie all revolves around the content of the movie and then comes the star value, performance, music and direction. You have so many examples over the Box office, wherein movies came with greater star value but turned out average considering the poor content in it.

How this trend has embarked?

Well, where it all started is a big question to ask here. The industry and the audience were simply forced to reconsider their interest and scope when they had movies like Khosla Ka Ghosla in 2006. This was a low budget movie with no big star value in it but one thing it carried was the freshness the movie carried out. It is very much based on content and talent. The movie turned out a big hit giving 48 crore over the box office. The very basic driving force of the movie was the characters, which played the part despite the absence of star value in it. Despite all the freshness the movie was conferred as comedy, which hampered its sheen. In this way, the movie was then categorized in the movies of 80’s like Jaane Bhi Yaaro and Gol Mal.

The trend continued

Since then the movies with freshness in subject were seen churning out over the Box office doing good and catering something new to the audience. The freshness in content was continued with the movie called Aamir. A simple story but it really had a punch line in it giving something new to the audience especially from the urban areas. Similarly, another movie called Shaurya starring Rahul Bose, Javed Jaffery and Kay Kay Menon. The incredible performance by Kay Kay showcasing an arrogant army officer and mass murderer had some sort of different story and content, however, it failed to be recognized by the audience. Thanks to the poor promotion and controversial theme it dealt with.

A gap of five years and the trend is back on the track

It took all five years to see some similar sort of movie hitting the theatre after Aamir and Shaurya, which came in the form of Pan Sign Tomar. It lacked the star value as most of the audience still fails to recognize the power of Irrfan Khan. Though the movie had average opening but the word of mouth simply propelled the movie turning into a hit. It helped Irrfan to establish himself as a bankable star of Bollywood and simply discouraged the melodrama in main stream cinema. Aamir Khan then embarked with the movie Peepli Live, which showcased the satirical movie based on the sorry state of Indian politics having fresh music. The movie did big business without any star value making a 29.28 crore at the box office with mere 7 crore in film production.

2013 the year of good content movies

With the above all movies, the launch pad of embarking with a film with right content was built up. Thus the year 2013 witnessed loads of classy and tasteful movies that were made with good content to impress the main stream audience. This started with Vicky Donor, followed by movies like Kai Po Che, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, D Day, Madras Café, etc. All these movies not only had content but did carried the freshness and uniqueness in it. The utmost performances of the lead star have simply lured the audience making them a big successful movie over the Box Office.

Wrapping up

Regardless the Indian Cinema treads its path, completing 100 years has only one element that rule this world. This is nothing but the content. Though the main stream Masala Movies have a good audience base with right entertainment value but at the same time it should be away from the nonsensical stuff in it, so that the content in it wins at the end.

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