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Are the Bollywood Actress underpaid ?

Bollywood Divas underpaid

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Believe it or not, buts it’s true. If you compare the money the Bollywood actress get with the male lead actors, there seems to be a substantial difference.  The beauties of Bollywood often sound amused to see the disparity witnessed in between the male and female stars in the B town. Though they have been feeling the gap since quite some time, however, they have spoken up unanimously this time. The ones in the top include actors like Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif who have openly and very much subtly opened up on this issue.

If you check what these Bollywood actress have to say, Priyanka calls the difference as an insane thing, while the Chikni Chameli girl- Katrina calls it a huge gap. Kangana Ranaut went one step ahead and said that the female actors do not even get one third the amount the male actors do. On the other side the filmmakers do confess about the disparity, however, they called it a system, which is based on feudalism. There is a subtle feeling that women do propel the selling of any movie, which according to Pooja Bhatt is a wrong notion. She claims both male and female actors are equally responsible in selling out the movies.

Some of the divas in B Town seems to be saying that things are now changing here unlike the way it has changed in Hollywood and with more women oriented movies things would change here as well. Now you see actors like Kareena Kapoor demanding crores, which was not the case earlier before. The filmmakers would be happy to pay if they end up coming with more women oriented movies argues Vashu Bhganani. As per the B Town experts, the three Khans charge in between 35 to 40 crore for one movie and not only that, they also have their share in their movies. On the contrary, they leading divas of Bollywood are paid the maximum of 5 crores without any share in their films.

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