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Bollywood Celebs Inflate their Ad Fee as per their ranks in Forbes List

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Forbes released the Indian celebrity list recently, and we heard how Salman Khan had bagged the top position in it. The 100 Celebrity list by Forbes India showcased how different Bollywood and other celebs rank as per their networth and other aspects. The top in this list include the B Town actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kapoor, Big B apart from Salman Khan who has been in the same position since the past three years. To be on the top of this list is both an achievement and an opportunity for the Bollywood celebs. The Bollywood actors topping in this list also boost up their Ad fees as well as per their ranks in the Forbes List.

As per the Ad Guru, Pralad Kakkar claims that the Bollywood actors who remain high in this list inflate their ad fees as per their brand value in the market. He further added that this ends up inflating their fees to a great extent that make them accessible only to the top brands and companies. In other words, only big companies like the MNCs only afford them. He also shared some interesting facts about the brand fees demanded by the celebrities. He also informed that though Salman Khan tops the list but Aamir Khan is the one who charges the most to different brands for the ads he does for them. As per him, Aamir charges around 16 crores per ad, which is huge as compared to others.

Then comes Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan who charge 14 and 12 respectively. This also goes as per the image the celebs have in the business world. Salman Khan has been known as the bad boy in B Town hence his charges for the ad is low as compared to Aamir and SRK. The ads also come as per their personality like Salman Khan gets the ad from soft drinks like Pepsi with rash driving cars or bikes and stunts he does. SRK has the image of a lover boy and family man, hence he is given ads from brands like education and other sectors. Kakkar also informs that despite the debacle of Thugs of Hindostan, the brand values of Aamir Khan and Big B are not hampered.

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