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Bollywood Celebs Got Married To Their Childhood Friends

Getting married to person who’s just like you, crazy like you and most importantly understands you very well is always been the most dreamy thing which any of the individual have. But how about, if that particular person is your childhood friend, sound really exciting isn’t? But guess what guys we do have some Bollywood celebs who have been enjoying there glorious married life along with their childhood friend who’s now. Let’s talk about them one by one..

Imran Khan: Just at the age of 19 he proposed a lovely friend of himself named Avantika Malik, and the most importantly the fact is initially he arranged a birthday party especially for Avnatika, mean while when the party was on, he suddenly proposed her.

Imran Khan and avantika

Fardeen Khan: A short and sweet love story that blossomed at an early age of their life, Fardeen booked a flight along with Natasha Madhvani and finally proposed her in a flight from London to US.

Fardeen Khan

Zayed Khan: His married life story is actually something really interesting; he got married to Malaika Parekh who was none other than his school mate. So apart from being her good wife she actually knows him very well.

Zayed Khan

Hrithik Roshan: With a little interesting cum spicy story the Bollywood heartthrob and a stunning dancer fall in love with a beauty of Bollywood Sussanne Khan at a traffic signal. But hold on your emotions for a while for the twist, shockingly the twist is they both know each other since their diaper days!!

Hrithik Roshan

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