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Some Bollywood Celebrities Speaking about their Sexual Abuse before the Camera

bollywood nookyual Abuse

The days are gone when B Town divas hesitated about speaking anything in public be it their professional life or personal ones when they even had faced issues like sex abuse and molestation case. At such juncture when you have events like The Bollywood RoundTable 2016 wherein the top divas share their experience and go candid before the camera wherein we heard the lady actor Sonam Kapoor had experienced the same, it would be interesting to explore the list of ladies who went candid before the camera about their sexual abuse in the past. Let’s check them out as under:

Sonam Kapoor

Let’s talk about the lady first who allowed such news to debate in the media. Well, she confessed before the media that she was molested by someone (she didn’t name) and that she was traumatized the most. This was just one statement she spoke before the camera that can make you understand how belittle she must have felt that such juncture.

Kalki Koechlin

As per the Waiting actress, she also got the same experience when she was barely of age nine. She was speaking about the incident in 2011 when someone asked her to recall her bitter memories and distressing childhood. However, she went on saying that she had sex with the man who made her victim without actually knowing about the same. But later realized that it was her biggest mistake in her life, she then said that she had kept it hiding for long till she spoke that day.

Anurag Kashyap

The great filmmaker of B Town who is known to give interesting movies in the Hindi Cinema too is not an exception as he was also the victim of the same. As per the filmmaker, he faced the same when he was barely of 11 years. He called this to be the worst experience which was faced by some dirty old man who abused him 22 times. He was seen talking about the same when he got married to Kalki for two years before parting her ways on mutual agreement.

Somy Ali

She is known as the former girlfriend of superstar Salman Khan who was brave enough to open up being molested by her home for getting help at age of five. In interaction with the magazine, she was seen reasoning why her house can help at the age of five. In interaction with the media, she was reasoning about her experience would simply help in someone to overcome I their fears. She said sexually assaulted by the home help. She said she is keen to experience her victim.

Tapsee Pannu

She thinks that eve teasing is very much disturbing thing to have in life. Talking about her experiences, she shared. Eve teasing can help in daily basis in New Delhi. She narrated her story of Delhi when she used to travel in DTV buses while taking time to college when she met this experience at the age of 19. It was seen very much common happened to me.

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