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Bollywood Actors who Supported Saroj Khan on her Casting Couch Comment

Bollywood Actors who Supported Saroj Khan on her Casting comment

The known choreographer Saroj Khan was seen commenting on casting couch stating that created a good buzz and controversy in the media. Later she defended by giving another statement and even posing her apology as well. She went on saying that though one may find the issue of casting couch in the B Town yet the same industry give bread and butter to the ladies who claim to have this menace in the Hindi Cinema. There were some B Town actors and people from the industry who defended the veteran choreographer and some lambasted her on her statement. How about catching up who remained at the back defending the lady as under:

Kumar Vinod


One of the man from the industry who was seen defending the veteran choreographer was Kumar Vinod. He went on to say that people should open the eyes and listen to the truth the lady is saying, which is not offending stuff but defending the industry.

Priya Malik


She went on to say that the problem of the industry is the normalization of sexual abuse and rape and she said that she knew many newcomers who willing do these things considering it to be a norm of the industry to make big here.

Sophie Choudry

Sophie Choudry

She said that there are many among the new comers who for pursuing their dreams would like to compromise though they may not want to do so. She then said this may be the only way to get acceptable may make the road tough. So, though she defended but kept the road open for others who do not want to pursue their dreams compromising their values.

Richa Chadha

Richa Chadha in Love Sonia

She didn’t say much about the veteran choreographer but when she went on say that she was misunderstood or misquoted.

Shruti Seth

Shruti Seth

She went on to say that though her intention was right but she has chosen the wrong words. She said that women are made mandatory to stop this issue against themselves while men get pardoned for their participation.

Wrapping up

The comment came in the background of the south Indian actress voicing against the casting couch thing going semi-naked over the streets of Hyderabad. So, what’s your take on this issue.

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