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Bobby Deol opens up on Love Hostel, Aashram, and a lot more

Recently, in an interview, Bobby Deol, the actor opened up on his current release Love Hostel. Bobby said, “Well when I heard the subject and character I really enjoyed what I heard. After that it was all about workshops and mastering my lines so that I had a full understanding of this character’s mind. You know, I am most spontaneous when I am on the set. So the preparation was tough for me. I had to use a lot of prosthetics and since this character chews tobacco (I don’t) I had to put cotton in my mouth to look as I do.”

Talking about his character the actor said, “This whole look of the character was designed by my director Shankar Ramen. The most challenging part of playing Dagar was I had to learn Haryanvi. I had to get it right, or it would not have worked.”

Summing all his negative characters, he added, “It is not conscious career decision to play negative characters but a conscious decision to play interesting characters. I don’t look at characters as positive or negative. When I watch films there is always one character that stays with you. I want to play that character. That’s why I enjoyed doing diverse characters like the ones in Class of 83, Ashram and now Love Hostel.”

The actor also opened up on working with Prakash Jha in Aashram. “Well, an actor’s life is always uncertain. Even if you achieve some success and recognition. To find challenging roles is tough. Still, I am trying. I am doing Sandeep Vanga’s Animal with Ranbir Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra. I’ll be working with Anil Kapoor again after Race 3. It got delayed because of Covid. We start shooting in the middle of this year. Then I am doing the family film Apne 2 which I am very excited about,” he said.

Concluding the conversation, Bobby Deol also talked about the big films releasing on OTT. “I think it has helped actors like me as well, who were not getting good opportunities lately. I am doing interesting work. And people have the time at home to watch me in films or in the longer format the web series at their own pace. Even as a viewer I enjoy the variety I get on the OTT platform. I think the OTT is the best thing to happen to our film industry.”

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