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Blastic Weekend ka Vaar on the go- Rubina-Kavita –Abhinav gets into a nasty fight

Bigg Boss 14 is turning into quarrel table. Everyone is just getting meaner. It is not only in the house but even from outside the house. Few weeks back we witnessed Kavita just walked out the show during an on-going task ‘Shark Attack’ in which later Abhinav emerged as a winner. During this task Kavita got into a nasty cat-fight with Rubina and then she decided to take-off.

Kavita could not bear it and after leaving the house, she and her husband started tweeting about their sad experiences with Abhinav Shukla. Here she called him ‘alcoholic’ and also claimed that he sent him violent messages. This development was informed to the couple by a new entry to the show Vikas Gupta. It created a stir among the couple and wanted to know the reality. The couple then confirmed it from re-entered Aly Goni, who assured them that it is not that big issue outside and they should maintain their focus on game. Though, Abhinav and Rubina were still furious about the remarks.

In latest promos it is quiet visible the topic is flared. Kavita Kaushik and her Ronnit Biswas is standing with Salman Khan on stage and putting up their point against Abhinav. On the other he is rejecting them and asked for the proof. Abhinav even said that they might have to face legal consequences. The conversation got really intense and Salman Khan had to intervene. He said that all of them have made this a game and it is dirty. Later on it is shown that Rubina broke down after the incident.

Well, currently the game is in full-swing. There are new entries in the show including Manu Punjabi, Rahul Mahajan, Vikas Gupta, Arshi Khan, Kashmeera Shah and Rakhi Sawant. Nikki Tamboli and Aly Goni had made a re-entry. It would be exciting to watch what would happen next!

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