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Bipasha Banikya : It takes fortitude to dwell in the city of your dreams

Whenever we are interviewed about our dreams and passion, our minds always shoot hundreds of portrayals that we aspire to be. Since every day is the same story, we are often fetched by the hooks of survival and left in the race to earn bread.

After clinging to mundane existence, many individuals are now thriving at their dream life. Undoubtedly Bipasha Banikya fits the best example to the above words. She is a content creator who publishes posts regarding fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel.

While narrating about her life before a content creator, Bipasha reveals the number of hurdles and undesirable choices that she had to pick. She firmly believes that there is a lot of disparity between imagining a dream life and living one.

Though Bipasha wanted to be a fashion model from the advent, she couldn’t pursue that. This was because of the mere perception that society drew about the fashion world in our minds. Therefore, she went on pursuing more and more degrees to get a stable life.

We all consider the world of glamour to be unstable or short-term, don’t we? Parallel we’re the thoughts of Bipasha which proved to be a hindrance in achieving her passion. Sooner she realised the value of her dreams and took upon the courage to choose them above anything.

She laid the stepping stone to the conjured picture of her dream life. However, making the decision is the tip of the iceberg. Bipasha had to face many more shortcomings to stand on the stage. From the pandemic situation to maintaining stability, everything swirled her life.

But, her dedication towards her ambitions kept her pressing ahead. Today, by uniting with more than 150 global brands, Bipasha is residing in her dream world. You can take a look at her commendable content on @bipasha_bankikya18 that brought her to these heights.

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