Bill Omar spills the beans on why it’s important to keep your content authentic if you want to succeed as a YouTuber

Bill Omar

There goes a saying that after every storm comes a rainbow. Bill Omar Carrasquillo’s life hit a roadblock during his childhood but as he grew up, he tasted success which he would have never imagined. He is a reputed YouTuber who has a channel named ‘Omi in a Hellcat’. He was born to Julio Carrasquillo and Soledad Diaz on September 6, 1986. His father was a well-known dealer and had multiple properties in Philadelphia while his mother lived along with him and his siblings in Massachusetts. His mother Soledad Diaz suffered from a disease of addiction that saw Omar’s custody given to his father and his stepmother. This was major suffering he had been through, but he never stopped and went to fulfill his dreams.

At a very early age, he was sure to become a YouTube vlogger, but he could not give proper attention to the channel due to the poor financial situation of his family. After that, he worked as a freelance app developer and that changed his life forever. He not only started getting a lot of work offers but he also developed entrepreneurial instincts that saw his net worth crossing more than 50 million dollars. He expanded his work with the time and employed 30 workers and has more than 300 properties in his hometown Philadelphia and other surrounding areas.

Not just this, he is also the proud owner of two-night clubs, ‘Philly 21’ and ‘Unicas’. With so much of work happening, he also takes out time for his YouTube channel, after all, it has got more than 405K subscribers. His video content is mostly about the day to day activities of his life. Remembering his days of struggle, Omar said, “Giving up was never an option. I knew that my sacrifice would pay off someday to my family.” The entrepreneur cum content creator has truly been that extra push motivation who teaches everyone to always keep trying and working hard towards your goal.

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