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Bigg Boss16: Sajid Khan & Abdu Rozik go filmy to entertain Salman Khan and Dharmendra

There is always a new spectacle taking place in the Bigg Boss house. The candidates continue to argue by inventing various problems in an effort to stay in the spotlight. While some participants’ problems are legitimate, others are wholly fabricated. Salman Khan, the show’s host, also teaches classes on the family members every weekend while keeping in mind their antics throughout the week.

Salman Khan also chastised Archana Gautam, Vishal, and Shalin for their misbehaviour on Friday’s program this week. Salman Khan, however, will be seen keeping his cool and making jokes with everyone on New Year’s Day. During the New Year, Dharmendra, a seasoned artist, will be spotted on the Bigg Boss set. A fresh promo was also released by the show’s creators. Dharmendra and Salman Khan can be seen having a great time.

After yesterday night’s “vaar,” the participants will receive a major surprise in tonight’s show as they prepare to say goodbye to 2022. To celebrate New Year’s with the other housemates, Salman will enter the compound with superstar Dharmendra. They will amuse the visitor one by one. While Sajid Khan would dress up as the Dharam Veer role played by the celebrity, Abdu will go all-out filmy and passionately perform a Hindi line. Everyone will be shaken by this. Later, Krushna Abhishek will imitate Jackie Shroff and quip that Shalin Bhanot only considers Tina and “protein” to be essential.

Bigg Boss 16 promo:

The legendary actor Dharmendra is greeted in an opulent manner, as seen in the promo of Bigg Boss. Krishna Abhishek, a comedian, then causes him to laugh a lot. Salman Khan can be seen frequently giggling while listening to Krishna. One thing is certain after viewing this promo: Salman Khan’s start to the new year is going to be highly exciting. Let me tell you that Salman Khan and seasoned actor Dharmendra get along great.

Many times, both stars are visible together. Regarding Dharmendra, Salman makes no effort to avoid it. He regards him with fatherly respect. Salman Khan is also very beloved by Dharmendra. He has also mentioned numerous times how much he loves Salman.

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