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Bigg Boss: Most dramatic moments across all seasons


‘Bigg Boss’ is the television reality show that has many times witnessed controversy over its contestants’ behaviour. The show raises the audience’s excitement with its juicy gossips, ugly fights, mind games and much more interesting stuff. The show is presently in its eleventh season and the drama has started in the house of Bigg Boss. After so many years of the show, let’s have a look at some dramatic moments from it.

  1. When Rakhi Sawant got angry over her coffee mug issue

It was a rare sight to see Rakhi Sawant howling for her coffee mug. One of the contestants made garlic paste in Rakhi’s coffee mug and Rakhi’s reaction to it brought much laughter. It sounds bizarre but it became a memorable moment of the show.

  1. Dolly Bindra’s high voice tone

The pitch of Dolly Bindra’s voice tone was so much high on the show that no one could say much to her.

  1. Rahul Mahajan’s unique dress up

Rahul Mahajan grabbed attention while on the show with the gossips of his romance with co-contestant Payal Rohatgi. But his costume became the topic of discussion among all and formed the dramatic moment of the show.

  1. Imam Siddique’s scary avatar

Imam Siddique was one of the weirdly dressed contestants of the show and the audience had to see his crazy antics and clothes. In one of the ‘Bigg Boss’ episodes, Imam Siddique scared his housemates and the viewers with his scary avatar. Aashka Garodia was so scared that she locked herself up.

  1. Rajiv Paul and Delnaaz Irani talking about their marital issues

Rajiv Paul and Delnaaz Irani were once a couple and they together participated in the show ‘Bigg Boss’. They attempted to not to discuss their marital problems on the television, however, they ended up talking about marital issues on the small screen.

  1. The fight between Kushal and Armaan

Kushal and Gauahar were in love while on the show as well as Armaan and Tanisha felt in love with each other. Tanisha was seen cooling down the temper of Armaan all the time while they were in Bigg Boss’s house. Armaan and Kushal used to have fights many times and their girlfriends took it at the different stage when they refused to prepare omelettes for other one’s boyfriends.

  1. Karishma Tanna shed tears as she wanted her makeup back

Karishma Tanna desired to get her things back while on the show and once the matter crossed the limits. The incident formed a drama and some cheap thrills.

  1. Sofia Hayat filing a legal complaint against Armaan Kohli

Violence is strictly not allowed inside Bigg Boss’s home and Sofia Hayat had physical altercation with the co-contestant Armaan Kohli. Sofia Hayat filing a legal complaint against Armaan was one of the dramatic moments of the show.

  1. Navjot Singh Sidhu refusing to nominate participants for elimination

Being diplomatic is important thing in politics but it does not have value in Bigg Boss’s house. Navjot Singh Sidhu refusing to nominate the contestants for elimination formed a moment to capture.

  1. Sara Khan and Ali Merchant’s wedding in Bigg Boss’s house

Sara Khan and Ali Merchant, who participated in ‘Bigg Boss’ season 4, exchanged marital vows while on the show. The entire house of Bigg Boss became a beautiful wedding venue. The couple has now parted ways and are not together anymore.

These were some of the dramatic moments from the show ‘Bigg Boss’ season 1 to 10. The on-going ‘Bigg Boss’ season 11 will definitely entertain the audience with lots of interesting stuff!


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