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Bigg Boss 16: Sumbul Touqeer to Priyanka Choudhary, profession of THESE celebs’ parents will surprise you!

Bigg Boss 16 has created a lot of buzz since its premiere day, and it is quickly moving towards the grand finale, which is set to take place next month. The reality show is currently airing its family week, and contestants’ parents are visiting to spend time with their kids and fellow contestants inside the house.

Talking about parents, we have an interesting update about the family background of these Bigg Boss 16 contestants. From Sumbul Touqer’s father to Priyanka Choudhary’s dad, here’s an interesting detail about their profession.

Sumbul Touqeer’s father, Hasan Touqeer, is connected to the TV industry just like the Imlie actress. Yes! Her father is a creative choreographer and has worked for several dance reality shows. He is a single father who raised Sumbul on his own. The actress started her career as a child actor and rose to popularity after her appearance in Star Plus’ Imlie.

Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, the strongest contestant on Bigg Boss 16, comes from an army background. You will be amazed to know that her dad, Mahavir Chahar, was a captain in the Indian army. The Udaariyan actress has five brothers and sisters. Currently, she is the sole earner in her family. It’s a matter of pride that the actress takes care of the needs of her entire family. She started her career by appearing in music videos and TV serials.

Abdu Rozik is a famous celebrity who is based in Gishdarva, Tajikistan. When Abdu wasn’t popular, his father, Savriqul Muhammad, did gardening to support his family. The international star reportedly went through a lot of difficulties in her childhood.

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is one of the contestants who comes from a highly decent family. While her father, Surpal Singh, worked for the Indian Army, her mom, Inderpreet Kaur, is a school principal. The Chhoti Sardarni actress was a law student before pursuing an acting career. She entered showbiz as a model and then took up acting.

Soundarya Sharma, who has starred in a few Bollywood movies, belongs to a family of doctors. While her mother is a school teacher, her father is a dentist by profession. Her father is a dentist, and she herself practised dentistry before entering the acting profession.

Shalin Bhanot appears to be a spoilt brat inside the Bigg Boss 16 house, and who can blame him? He is the son of a businessman. The actor has two siblings, Rahul and Shweta. Shalin’s mother is a housewife.

Shiv Thakare, the Marathi Mulga of Bigg Boss 16, belongs to Amravati, Maharashtra. His father used to sell paan in the city in his early days. At that time, Shiv Thakare used to help his father and also do odd jobs like delivering newspapers and milk to doorsteps. He is a highly ambitious, hard-working guy, and that’s what made him enter the reality show.

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