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Bigg Boss 16: OMG! Sajid Khan lost his cool and tried abusing Archana Gautam amid task

Bigg Boss 16 is moving forward, and the fight between the contestants present inside the house is getting ugly. We are all aware of Archana Gautam’s habit of messing with everyone on the show. The politician has often picked fights with other contestants, and now she directly messed with Sajid Khan.

In the latest episode, there was a fierce fight between Archana Gautam and Sajid Khan. As the situation deteriorated, Sajid Khan repeatedly fought with Archana Gautam and used abusive language toward her.

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This fight in Bigg Boss 16 ensued during a task

The feud between the two started during the “Ration Task,” when Sajin Khan was the first to say that this show is not about anyone’s father. Meanwhile, Sajid also said to Archana, “She was thrown out, crying; don’t take her out.” On this point about Sajid, Archana replied  “If my father had been so rich, he could have run Bigg Boss. You tell your father to run it.”

On this, Sajid Khan got furious, repeatedly asking Archana to get down from the truck. He repeatedly said, “Get out of here. Get out of here.”

Meanwhile, both talk about each other’s status. Sajid says that Archana has no respect outside. Then Archana says that you are a very good director. Meanwhile, Sajid often uses abusive words for Archana Gautam’s family, due to which Archana also shouts, “Meri Ma Par Baad Je Jana.” Apne Baap Par Jaa. Faad Kar Rakh Dungi.”

Their argument kept happening for a long time in the house, due to which there was a fuss in the entire house. However, after this whole ruckus, Archana became calm. However, Sajid Khan did not seem to calm down. He demanded to talk to Big Boss and asked him to expel Archana from the house again. However, he didn’t get any response. Rather, Big Boss asked Nimrit and Shiv to handle Sajid together.

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