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Bigg Boss 16: Are these two contestants returning as wildcards?

Bigg Boss 16, TV’s biggest controversial reality show, has unravelled a lot of drama since it started. The season, which started in October, has witnessed several fights and changing equations among the contestants. From Stalin’s drama for Chicken to Archana Gautam’s worst behaviour towards housemates, the audience has seen it all. While Manya Singh and Sreejita De were the contestants who got evicted initially from the shop, we saw Sreejita De re-entering as a wild-card contestant to play a fresh game.

Recently, the Udaariyan actor Ankit Gupta was eliminated from the show. However, this wasn’t the choice of the audience, and he was voted out by the housemates, who felt the actor had the least contribution to the game. We all saw that the actor was a silent member of the house, but whenever he spoke, he made a point. Many liked his game and appreciated him for being real even on the show. So will he return to the show as a wild card contestant?

Bigg Boss 16 makerss intend to add more wild card contestants

As we all know, Sreejita De and Vikkas Manaktala entered Bigg Boss 16 as wild card participants on this Colors reality show. However, the makers are planning to add more contestants as wildcard entries to make the ongoing season even more exciting. There are two names doing the rounds on the internet right now.

Bgg Boss 16 Gori Nagori
Bgg Boss 16 Gori Nagori

Who will be the two wild card entries in Bigg Boss 16?

There is a buzz about two evicted contestants returning to the show as wildcard entries. As we all know, Gorin Nagori was the third contestant to bid adieu to this reality show, and therefore reports about the dancer entering Bigg Boss 16 again are doing the rounds on the internet. So, she is expected to make a comeback and spice up the drama.

Ankit Gupta Bigg Boss 16
Ankit Gupta Bigg Boss 16

Another speculated name for the wild card entry is everyone’s favourite, Ankit Gupta. Fans were outraged by his unjust eviction and started trending BB GET ANKIT AS WILDCARD.The trend has reached 1 million tweets and is still going strong. Therefore, it is said that the makers are expected to bring back Ankit Gupta in Bigg Boss 16 on fans’ demand.

To know what will happen next, stay tuned!

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