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Bigg Boss 16: Archana & Soundarya attack Sajid Khan with their casting couch act, Netizens praise their guts

Bigg Boss 16 is currently witnessing the friendship between Archana Gautam and Soundarya Sharma, which is also liked by the audience. A video of this duo is going viral on social media, in which both are seen performing an act. Netizens quickly deduced from their actions that they were referring to #metoo accused Sajid Khan.

Ever since Sajid Khan’s entry in Bigg Boss 16, he has been embroiled in controversies. There has also been a demand for Sajid to be thrown out of the show due to the #metoo allegation. Recently, there was a fierce fight between Sajid Khan and Archana Gautam. During this incident, Sajid lost his temper, while Archana looked calm. Soundarya Sharma was also seen explaining Archana’s mistake to her as a friend.

What’s in the viral Bigg Boss 16 clip?

In this viral video on social media, Soundarya Sharma is playing the character of a job seeker. On the other hand, Archana Gautam plays the owner of a company, to whom Soundarya goes to ask for work. Soundarya gives her profile to the boss, Archana, and asks for a job. But Archana desires to take advantage of her and misbehaves with her. Both were seen showing the casting couch in their acts, after which they are trending on Twitter.

Bigg Boss 16 Archana Gautam and Soundarya Sharma
Bigg Boss 16 Archana Gautam and Soundarya Sharma

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Fans are impressed by their act and are praising them for it

After sharing this video of both, a user wrote, “These two girls are absolutely fearless. I repeat: fearless, strong. I  hope you all are able to understand whom she is trolling.” Sajid Khan’s name is written along with it, and Priyanka and Shiv have also been tagged and asked to see it.

Another user wrote, “Watch this and support these women so that the truth can’t be hidden from people.” By dropping similar comments, several users are hailing Archana and Soundarya.

Social media users are also demanding that Bigg Boss demonstrate this video by tagging him. Archana Gautam and Soundarya Sharma have been trending on Twitter ever since the video went viral.

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