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Bigg Boss 16: Archana Gautam misbehaves with Sumbul Touqeer yet again, says, “Tu koi Nawab Hai?”

Bigg Boss 16 has always seen Archana Gautam’s aggressive avatar, and the contestant hasn’t spared anyone in the house from her rage. The politician who is fighting for the trophy inside the house along with the other contestants went fierce yet again with the new captain, Sumbul Touqeer. Not just this, she even got physical with the Imlie actress.

Since the Imlie actress stop her from breaking the rules, she got aggressive and pushed her back. She even insulted her, saying, “Tum Nawab Ho Kya Kahin Ke?” (Are you some Nawab?)

Now that there are 3 captains inside the house (Sumbul, Soundarya, and Tina Datta), they have implemented a new rule according to which contestants cannot cook anything on the gas stove till breakfast is prepared.

Here’s what happened in Bigg Boss 16 house next

We are all aware that Archana Gautam is a pro at breaking rules inside the Bigg Boss house, and this time she did the same. She went towards the kitchen to make tea, but Sumbul didn’t let her do that, saying, “You can’t make your tea until the breakfast is being prepared.” Archana entered the kitchen, ignoring her,

While Sumbul warned her, Archana answered back and said, “You can’t stop me.Many kings came and went. I am not here to obey you, and the gas stove isn’t yours.” Even Soundarya insisted Archana wait for 10 minutes, but she was adamant to use the kitchen.

When Imlie tried to stop her again by holding her hands, Archana turned fierce and pushed her hard. Sumbul asked her to behave well and tried explaining that they were managing the house as a team.

Sadly, the very first day of Sumbul’s captaincy started a conflict. Let’s see what more drama unfolds in the coming days inside the Bigg Boss 16 house.

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