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Bigg Boss 16: MC Stan remembers his love story with his girlfriend Buba

MC Stan: Bigg Boss 16‘s home is full of drama, controversy, never-ending battles, and endless entertainment. However, the game has altered significantly with the addition of wild card entries, and it’s entertaining to see everyone respond to the shift. Recently, in one of the episodes, we witness rapper MC Stan discussing his love life and other topics.

MC Stan was spotted in a chat with Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Chahar stating that he went to her girlfriend Buba’s house with around 40 people to talk about their relationship with her parents. He went to her house to ask his father for her hand in marriage, but his parents were against it. “Main 40-50 logon ko leke ghar pe gaya tha rishta leke..” Mene Uske parents ko bola ya toh izzat se rishta karado ya me bhaga ke leke jaunga ussko ya me bhaga ke leke jaunga ussko. “Cheze bouth kharab hogai thi uske baad, but ab thik hai,” he explained. Archana Gautam comes in between them and says that I had also become a rapper, but asks him to leave as he was talking about his girlfriend.

MC Stan:

Furthermore, in the episode, Tina Datta confronts Shalin Bhanot about his unexpectedly changing conduct after re-entering. She confronted him about his derogatory remarks, which he later used against her when she was evicted. Shalin, who previously stated that he doesn’t care about Tina and was only with her because she made him food, has now refuted the charges.

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