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Bigg Boss 15: Salman Khan lashes out at Tejasswi Prakash for her rude tone!

Salman and Tejasswi
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Since its premiere on October 2, Bigg Boss 15 has been making news. So far, the show has taken several dramatic turns, and the Sunday Ka Vaar episode appears to be prepared to provide some hands-on amusement, followed by a punch of shocking moments.

The participants will be seen undertaking various activities in front of Salman Khan in the upcoming episode. The host, on the other hand, appears to be going after Tejasswi Prakash.

In a recently released trailer, Salman Khan puts Umar Riaz in a difficult situation by asking him who he would approach in a crisis. He adopts Tejasswi’s name and explains that her outgoing personality is the cause.

Salman Khan is dissatisfied with Riaz’s response and asks him why he would go to a fun-loving person in a serious circumstance.

“Why are you repeating it like this, he can’t come to me in a’mushkil samay’ kya?” Tejasswi Prakash is clearly angered by the host’s suggestions and queries. Her obnoxious tone, on the other hand, does not sit well with Bigg Boss 15 host Salman Khan.

Irked by Tejasswi’s tone, Salman hits back and questions her tone. He says, “And why are you talking to me like this. Don’t have this thing with me, madam. Somebody is dying, he should come to you for comedy, just because you’re fun-loving.”

Tejasswi seems to have caught herself in a murky situation, as Salman Khan is even pushed to exclaim, “What the f*** is that.”

The contestants are shown confronting each other throughout the task in a prior segment of the commercial. Miesha Iyer describes Pratik Sehajpal as having a “stinky personality” in the trailer.

On Sunday’s programme, this could cause some debate!

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