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Bigg Boss 15: Neha Bhasin talks about Cyberbullying, says ‘Don’t abuse them back, but do not tolerate it’

Singer Neha Bhasin has been a strong contestant during Bigg Boss OTT, she has now entered the Bigg Boss 15 house as a wild card contestant. But before entering the house she called out online trolls and reportedly bashed Pratik Sehajpal’s fan groups for trolling her. Elaborating on the same, Neha says, “I have been against cyberbullying for a very long time, so this may come as a shock to this particular fandom. But two years ago during Corona, I filed a cyber case against another fandom. I had gone through a mental trauma at that time.” 

She further added, “I am again saying, I may have an opinion you may not like, I may do things that you may not like, and that’s all right. But you cannot hide behind a screen and mask bully people and attack them. It’s a crime to abuse people, to go on their timelines and threaten them. This is a crime, people need to read their cyber laws. Because I have spoken to the police and have done my analysis on this. The last time around also the people who were caught were all juveniles. All under 18. So the bigger question here is, we cannot teach people but we need to start talking about it and raising our voice.”

The singer wants these online trolls to be off her social media pages. “You know what happens is, tomorrow you comment on my page and they start trolling you. So what will happen, you will go quiet. That’s what they want. Last time around also, my family and friends, they stopped talking on my page because they couldn’t handle the hate and the abuse. They have gone after my mother, they have gone after my husband. You have a problem with me being a married woman and hugging people, it’s your problem. Stay out of my timeline,” she said. 

She further concluded, “There is one way of looking at it, ignore it. But I am encouraging people like you and I to speak about it and say, ‘no, don’t ignore it’. Don’t hate people, don’t abuse them back, but do not tolerate it.”

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