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Bigg Boss 13: Why did Mahira Sharma fight with Vishal Aditya Singh’s brother

Bigg Boss 13’s latest act features friends and family members of contestants who have turned the house into a battleground. Latest episode saw Mahira Sharma in an ugly fight with Vishal Aditya Singh’s brother.

Later Vishal asks Mahira if she tried to threaten his brother and Mahira tells Vishal that Her brother was trying to break the task property and she told him that he should not do it otherwise she would fight with him.

Kunal and Vishal call her a Dabtameez and she retorts by calling them outrageous. The situation gets out of control. When Vishal’s brother Kunal says something about Mahira’s father in a fight, Mahira becomes furious.

Mahira’s brother Akash talks to Kunal and asks him why he is commenting on his father and asks if his father is a part of the game. Mahira warns him not to make such comments just to appear on the show.

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